Planning Meeting Outcomes and Wishlist

by nettleship

NEXT PLANNING MEETING >>> Saturday 2nd June, 4pm – Syon Lane Community Allotment (next to Syon Lane Station)

The main discussion points of the last meeting were logistics of the day, promotion and outreach. If you have any questions or input please come to the next meeting or email . See below for things that need your help!

1) Cycle trip of proposed route and further scouting on Tuesday 29th May. Leaving Syon Lane at 11.15am. If you are coming, meet up from 10.45 (bring a bike, some food and water). Please phone: 07963 475 195 if you have any questions.

– We will be scouting for the camping location for the first night camp.  We will also be looking at some alternative sites around the area of Windsor where we can go should we be prevented from going onto the land or immediately kicked off the land.  A possible longer term alternative location has already been scouted within walking distance of Windsor.
We agreed that it was important that as many people as possible were familiarised with the route in case people get split up for any reason.

2) Travelling to Windsor

– There will be vehicle assistance to carry heavy camping things and gardening equipment. Currently we have three volunteers with a van and cars. Any more offers are greatly welcomed, please contact or call 07963 475 195

3) Storing Equipment

– For general equipment e.g: large canvas tents, gardening tools, cooking equipment and other items, we agreed to store this at Syon Lane Community Allotment so it can be picked up and ferried to Windsor in vehicles.  Please have a think and look at the wishlist to see if there is anything you can loan or donate.

4) Wishlist

– Trolleys, wheel barrows and hand carts.

–  Blankets & sleeping bags.

– Yurts, tipees and tents.

– Hammers, saws, axes and nails.  String and rope.

– Cooking equipment: including pots, camp kettles.

– Gardening equipment: mattocks, scythes, spades, shovels, forks, seeds, seedlings and plants ready to go into the ground.

– Candles, lanterns and fuel.

– Solar panels, car batteries, inverters, laptops, 12 V LED lighting + wiring, Site phone.

– Water containers, water filters, water testers.

– Staple storable foods: rice, oats, pulses, nuts, potatoes.

– Herbal and non-herbal tea bags.

+ Anything else thats useful or essential that you can think of