Latest from Windsor Diggers

by nettleship

Despite things not quite working out as planned at the weekend with the hay-field incident, the rain, and one arrest for breach of an Olympic ASBO(!), the camp is alive and well with a small group of dedicated Diggers in the woodland near Runnymede (the birthplace of our supposed Democracy)  on Cooper’s Hill in Surrey. The police did continue to follow us and have been present with torches and harassment but Royal Holloway University who own the specific piece of land on which the camp is currently situated have not yet attempted to serve court papers, so for now we are staying put and ignoring any attempts at intimidation. We invite everybody to join us, especially those who have become dispossessed due to the unequal and cruel nature of our system of crises.

There is a map of our location below. You can call or text the site phone 07963 475 195 for more information.

Directions to the camp:
If walking up the mud track from Egham town look out for the orange cones on your left – these mark the point at which to enter the woods and you’ll see the camp. The nearest train station is Egham,about 25 mins walk. If you want to get nearer the camp by public transport you can get on the Slough bus from Egham town and get off at the stop before the top of Priest Hill, Englefield Green. That saves you a walk up a steep hill and is ten mins from the camp.

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The group will be camped at this spot until Saturday 16th June.

On Saturday at 1pm we will have a meetup at the Magna Carta Monument to discuss freedom, democracy and of course plans for the future. Please bring camping equipment – tent, sleeping bag, cup, supplies etc… if you wish to join the camp. Whilst scouting around the area we have discovered ample disused land on which to grow food and communities. The site for the community is a secret for the moment.


This Earth divided we will make whole, so it can be a common treasury for all.