Calling natural builders…forest gardeners…permaculturalists…

by nettleship

Efforts have begun to make low impact dwellings in the woods at the new location, including an A-Frame leaf shelter which is shown in the photos above. Peas and potatoes have been sown! We welcome any enthusiasts of natural building, sustainable living, forest gardening, market gardeners, permaculturalists and other such activities to come to the site and help us to plan and grow.

The site, once a campus for Brunel University but sold in in May, 2007 for £46.6m to Oracle Group who planned to develop the site for mixed-use containing residential, commercial, community and public-access aspects.   It extends to 67 acres (27 hectares) and is adjacent to the village of Englefield Green, lying north-west of Egham Town Centre. The site comprises an extensive area of parkland, woodland and playing fields. For a fuller history click HERE

Meet up every Saturday 1pm at the Magna Carta Memorial, Runnymede, for discussion and picnics and to be taken to the site. This will be ongoing throughout the summer as our location may have to change, but you will always be able to find us by going there on Saturdays.